Singles Championship Draws

Preliminary Round First Round Quarter Final Semi-Final Final
Monday 10th July Wednesday 12th JULY 2023 Friday 14th JULY 2023
rink Argyll 10 am rink Argyll 10 am rink Argyll 2 pm rink Argyll 10 am rink Argyll 10 am
bye Linda Parker 4 Linda Parker 3 ValBaxter 2 Julie Leake
bye Walk-over
bye 3 Nicky Bradley Val Baxter
bye Val Baxter
bye 4 Kathleen Priestley 3 Julie Leake Julie Leake
bye Julie Leake
bye 5 Lyn Howard Sue Chappell
bye Sue Chappell
bye 1 Barbara Role 5 Judith Miles 4 Helen Blackiston Helen Blackiston
bye Judith Miles
bye 2 Terri Lake Helen Blackiston
bye Helen Blackiston
4 Janet Emerson 6 Janet Emerson Janet Emerson Janet Emerson
Pauline Crocker
bye Jan Glasspool

Challenger (First Named) MUST bring a “Competent” Marker for Preliminary and First Round Games
First Round Looser may be required to mark a Quarter Final Game
Association will appoint markers for the Semi-Finals and Final