Lilian Lynex Competition Draws (2024)

To be held at Poole Park B.C on Monday 3rd June 2024
9.30 for a start 10am

  Prelim & First Round – 10.00am Quarter Final – 11.30am
1 Alice Crowe Alice Crowe
2 June Farrer
3 Ellen Greaves Karen Williets
4 Karen Williets
5 Hilary Edge Bye   Hilary Edge
6 Betty Moore – W/D
7 Sue Chappell Sue Chappell
8 Liz Males
9 Eileen Wilsea Bye Eileen Wilsea
10 Caroline Wilson – W/D
11 Shirley Landy – W/D Bye Lindsey Thyer
12 Lindsey Thyer
13 Terri Lake – W/D Bye Helen Blackiston
14 Helen Blackiston
15 Debbie Dance Debbie Dance
16 Margaret Beevor

2 Wood Singles – 21 shots
First round Challengers are required to bring a Marker for the 10am session.
Losers are required to mark subsequent matches.
For Dress code please Adhere to the rule book.

Good Luck to you all enjoys your Bowling