History of Trophies

Trodd Trophy

The Trodd trophy was the associations first major trophy.  It was presented in 1936 by Mr Trodd in memory of his wife, with the request it be for a Singles Competitition, in aid of charity, and was known as the Hospital Cup. With the donors permission it was later changed to a Pairs Event.  In 1947 when the hospitals were taken over by the Government permission was again granted for the monies raised to be used for charities.  The cup is now known as the Trodd Trophy.

Lilian Lynex

In 1967 Miss Lilian Lynex BEM ( President in 1959 & 1965) presented the Presidents Medallion and two bars for the Presidents Collarette, with so many bars a new Collarettte was made in 1994 and the original one framed.  Later in1982 from the estate of Miss Lynex the Lilian Lynex trophy was purchased for a two wood Singles Competition.

Association Flag

The Association flag was first presented in 1950 and has been replaced twice due to wear and tear.

In 1983 to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Association hat badges were introduced to be awarded to members selected to play for the B&DWBA.  Qualifications was four games in four years, one to be played in each year.   As we no longer wear hats, players are presented with a badge to wear on their cravats, and need to play three games in three years.  In 2018 a new badge named a friendship badge was introduced for players who had played in 12 friendly games.

Officer’s Cup

On retirement from Competition Secretary Jane Sargent presented the B&DWBA with two new trophies for the winner and runner up.  The first competition for the new Officer’s Cup trophy was played in 2021, between the Captains and Secretaries.  This replaced an original competition that had been played by the Secretaries and Treasurers but had not been played for many years.