Officers Cup Competition Draws

21 Shots – 4 Bowls

# First Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
To be played by 29th July To be played by 30th August Wednesday 6th September – Branksome Park
1 Sue Aplin Sue Alpin tba tba
2 Sue Chappell
3 Barbara Tite Barbara Tite
4 Betty Earl
5 Kim Tavener Kim Tavener tba
6 Julie Pitt
7 Karen Williets Karen Williets
8 Mo Bunford
9 Daphne West Debbie Yates tba tba
10 Debs Yates
11 Sally Rowe w/o Sally Rowe
12 Gill Barron w/d
13 Wendy Harvey Wendy Harvey tba
14 Pam O’Neill

Scorecards must be sent to the Competition Secretary within 3 days of the round being played

Competition Secretary— Maz Chambers—–07766778064