B&DWBA Badges

Qualifications to be 3 games-I game to count in one year irrespective of number of games played.

Officers qualify for badge on election.

Invitation matches not included

Badge may be worn on tops/blouses.


Players need to have represented B&DWBA on 12 occasions since 2015


Message from Cathy


         Sadly as a result of Covid restrictions and concerns over both social distancing and travelling we will only have three "Triples Friendly Matches" this season which are as follows:-

1. B&DWBA v NFWBA at Wimborne onSunday 27th June (2pm)

2. B&DWBA v Bowls Dorset at Bournemouth (Meyrick Park)

                                          on Wednesday 25th August (2.30pm)

3. B&DWBA v B&D Men at Fordingbridge

                                         on Sunday 19th September (2pm)

In preparation for these matches I will be sending out all three "request for players sheets" at the same time - they will be sent by E-mail to Club Secretaries on Monday 17th May, and we promise that, when they are returned by Tuesday 8th June, we will endeavour to include as many different players as is humanly possible. We are of course keen to invite back those who have represented us previously but we also want to include those who are at the very start of their B&DWBA careers  Obviously we always play to win but the old adage remains pertinent - it is the taking part which is of prime importance!

Keep an eye open for the sign up sheets and we look forward to three very enjoyable and friendly games of bowls.

Happily with the end of restrictions in sight I have already booked four matches for 2022

Yours in bowling



Selection Committee



Lindsey Thyer .............. .President

Trish Kilminster............Vice President

Carrie Kaye .........        Immediate Past


Cathy Hunter ............. Match Secretary

Jean Perry..............     Pelhams

Christine Gibb ..........  Argyll